John Pyper-Ferguson sound clips
Photo taken by Mark Kari

John Pyper-Ferguson (Born Feb 27th 1964)

Canadian actor best known for his prolific tv and film roles in such works as Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., The X-Files, The Last ship and more.

Sound clips from The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (1993-1994)

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Brisco County:"We heard you were alive Pete."
Lord Bowler:"We just didn't believe it. We saw you get killed by that Chinese death star with our own eyes."
Pete Hutter:"Well that's the thing about your Chinese death stars. An hour later, you're alive again."
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Socrates Poole:"Short of murder, you've been charged with or convicted of pretty much every crime in the book. Isn't that correct?"
Pete Hutter:"I have never violated any agricultural quarantine laws."
- from the episode 'Pilot'
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Pete Hutter:"Forget about it? You mean rip it from my memory like a picture from a book? A picture of a small boy, kind of shy, with big ears who only wanted to be liked. And the laughing faces of his classmates, mocking him because he forgot to wear his pants to school! Is that what you mean?!"
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Pete Hutter:"I believe I've been perforated!"
- from the episode 'Pilot'
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Henchman:"He touched Pete's piece!"
Another Henchman:"Nobody touches Pete's Piece!"
Pete Hutter:"You're touching my piece Kansas."
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Pete Hutter:"So long! Farewell! Auf Wiedersehen! Good night!"
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Pete Hutter:"The only thing tinier than your brain is the likelihood that a mouth breathing, psychopathic wall of stink weed like you is ever gonna get out of this dung hood. You got 'leper' stabbed on your forehead, just like everybody in that micro-cephalic, imbecile-raided, beer-sucking, cousin-marrying family of elephantenisis that you come from!"

Sound clips from The Last Ship (2014)

- from the episode 'Welcome to Gitmo'
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Captain Tom Chandler: "Revenge is best served cold."
Tex: "Let's eat."
- from the episode 'SOS'
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Tex: "Please tell me that was some kind of a code."