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Posted October 3rd 2014 - 9:50 PM
I added a few sound clips from Marvel's Captain America - The Winter Soldier (Amazon). I have to say, I rather enjoyed this movie. It was better then I had anticipated.

I also added a couple requests from Code Name: Emerald (Amazon). Thanks to @Graham6895 for requesting!

I'll be adding more to Captain America 2 over the next few days. I also have a ton more requests that I have in the works. Thanks for visiting!
Captain America: The Winter Soldier Sound Clips Added!

Posted August 14th 2014 - 2:34 PM
Okay, I heard you! This update is for all those who have been begging for Orange is the New Black (Amazon), a Netflix original series. I hope I got them all. Let me know if I missed any. Thank you to everyone who requested. You know who you are.

The next update will focus on requests, so get those in as soon as possible to make the cut! Remember to include those timelines in your requests!
Orange is the New Black Sound Clips Added!

Posted August 1st 2014 - 6:01 PM
Added some sound clips from Marvel's new movie, Guardians of the Galaxy (Amazon).

Lots of requests on the way as well as a few new movies coming along. Thanks for visiting!
Guardians of the Galaxy Sound Clips Added!

Posted July 22nd 2014 - 12:26 PM
Added lots of sound clips from The Lego Movie (Amazon). Thank you to everyone who requested, and there are a lot of you. Too many to mention here.

I still have a huge list of requests coming. Thanks for visiting!
The Lego Movie Sound Clips Added!

Posted July 17th 2014 - 12:12 PM
We're back! Added a few sound clips from TNT's new show, The Last Ship (Amazon). Thanks to Bennie, Rachel and 8towait17 for that request.

I still have World War Z, Iron Man 3, the new Hunger Games, Riddick, Anchorman 2 in the wings, but I want to tackle the backlog of requests as well. Lots more to come, and soon!
The Last Ship Sound Clips Added!

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