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The Men Who Stare at Goats (2009)

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Lyn Cassady:"Ok, let's say that we have no choice but to fight with these guys. We're going to use visual aesthetics to instill psychically in the enemy the disincentive to attack."
Bob Wilton:"What do you mean?"
Lyn Cassady:"Ok, you pick one of them out, you lock eyes with him, and you go into this monotone and you're gonna go 'mhmhmmmm noooooo... I'm not going to attack you.' You relax your body and your voice and you just rip out one of his eyes or you get a pen and you stab him in the neck, you create this fountain of blood, I mean a real fountain. Get it squirting all over his buddies. That is a psychic disincentive right there."
Bob Wilton:"We haven't got a pen."
Lyn Cassady:"You're missing the point."
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