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Antitrust (2001)

A brilliant computer programmer leaves his open source project to join the mega-software company to help finish their ambitious project. Things take a turn for the worst when he finds out his new boss will accomplish his goals by any means necessary, including murder.

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Larry:"You guys are the greatest duo since Hewlet and Packard, Lennon and Mcarthy."
Brian:"Ben and Jerry!"
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Milo:"Doesn't Bill Gates have something like that?"
Gary Winston:"Bill who?"
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Gary Winston:"This business is binary. You're a one or a zero, alive or dead."
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ND 47:"I'm going to take a real shot in the dark here ok. I can offer you $42,000 a year, and a Buick if you change your mind and join us."
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Bob:"See! Who needs computers."
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Lisa:"Guys, we're ok. I've got it under control."
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Alice:"Milo, it wasn't all false."
Milo:"I know."
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Reporter:"Winston always said that any kid in a garage could put him out of business. Is that what you've done Milo?"
Milo:"Well this is a garage..."
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Bad Guy:"What's with the Mission Impossible 3 bull Milo? You're a geek!"
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Brian:"Don't you know the worse you look, the smarter they think you are."
Teddy:"Oh they're gonna think your a genius Brian."
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Milo:"I have a girlfriend."
Bad Guy:"What? You got like a girlfriend? Like a 3D girlfriend? That's really rare around here."
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Milo:"Want to be a part of history?"
Security Guard:"Not really."
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Milo:"Human knowledge belongs to the world!"
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Alice:"No escaping..."
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Bob:"Do you got something non-geeky I can do?"
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Lisa:"You said two days!"
Milo:"So I'm a genius!"
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Alice:"Who was it?"
Milo:"Gary Winston..."
Teddy:"Ha! That would be funny..."
Brian:"I just spoke to Gary Winston?"