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Open Range (2003)

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Boss Spearman:"One thing's certain, Noah never shoveled as much bull from them he had aboard."
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Boss Spearman:"I see they hobbled you."
Percy:"It's been a while since I was in a fight. I panicked. Fell back, like to have broke my foot."
Boss Spearman:"Ornery old fool."
Percy:"Well that damned Cuban cigar got me riled up."
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Charley Waite:"You reckon them cows worth getting killed over?"
Boss Spearman:"Cows are one thing, but one man telling another man where he can go in this country is something else."
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Mose:"Ol' Boss sure can cowboy, can't he."
Charley Waite:"Yeah, broke the mold after him."
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Boss Spearman:"Doc Barlow's got him a pretty wife."
Charley Waite:"Noticed that, did you?"
Boss Spearman:"Well I ain't dead."
Charley Waite:"Glad to hear it."
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Mack:"Well, looks like the rain's let up a bit."
Boss Spearman:"Well if it don't there'll be trout fishing right on main street."
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Sue Barlow:"I've got a big idea about us, Charlie. And I'm not going to wait forever, but I am going to wait. And when you're far away, I want you to think about that, and come back to me."
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Charley Waite:"I'm almost certain they'll be overly confident in their numbers, especially if we're standing right out here in front of them. It's not like we'll have any advantage, but if they're out there with us, they won't have as much as they might have otherwise. I don't figure all of them to be killers, maybe only two or three like Butler will have done much of it. I'll be looking to him. The others will be hired men, probably saddle tramps, maybe ex-army. The rest will be cowpunchers. They won't want to line up in front of us. It will happen fast once I start, so just keep yourself moving forward, they'll either move or root, maybe even freeze up. It don't matter which. You just start right in on them with that scatter gun. When you've done both barrels just drop it where you stand, pull your pistol and make a run for that building where we stashed them others. I'll be trying to do the same if I can."
Boss Spearman:"Sounds like you got it all worked out."
Charley Waite:"Yeah, except the part where we don't get killed."
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Sue Barlow:"So is it marriage that scares you two, or putting down roots?"
Boss Spearman:"No. Who'd have him? All rangy and mangy like a rough old dog."
Charley Waite:"How about I hold your head under water for just a little while?"
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Mack:"A shame what this town has coming to."
Charley Waite:"You could do something about it."
Mack:"What? We're freighters. Ralph here is a shopkeeper."
Charley Waite:"You're men ain't ya?"
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Charley Waite:"I'm not going to my maker without knowing your given name. Mine ain't Waite, it's Postelwaite. Charles Travis Postelwaite. What's yours? Sure ain't Boss. I mean it, Boss. I'm asking you straight up."
Boss Spearman:"It's Bluebonnet."
Charley Waite:"Bluebonnet?"
Boss Spearman:"Bluebonnet, yeah."
Charley Waite:"No middle name?"
Boss Spearman:"No, just Bluebonnet Spearman. And don't you tell no one."
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Charley Waite:"You ever seen one this bad?"
Boss Spearman:"Not since Noah and the flood."
Mose:"Well you should know Boss, since you was there."
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Mose:"Every man's gotta pull his weight Button."
Button:"Yeah, but my weight is half of yours."
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Mack:"I didn't raise my boys just to see them killed."
Charley Waite:"Well you may not know this, but there's things that gnaw at a man worse than dying."