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The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

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Noah Vosen:"This is a code 10 abort. I want everyone back in the vehicles! This is a code ten abort!"
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Pamela Landy:"Enjoy your egg whites."
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Noah Vosen:"Block all the exits, give the asset a green light. Take them both out."
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Ezra Kramer:"My number one rule is 'hope for the best, plan for the worst'."
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Noah Vosen:"Issue a standing kill order on Jason Bourne, effective immediately."
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Pamela Landy:"This is Jason Bourne. You are nine hours behind the toughest target you have ever tracked. Now I want everyone to sit down, strap in and turn on all you've got... That would mean now! Thank you!"
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Jason Bourne:"Where are you now?"
Noah Vosen:"I'm sitting in my office."
Jason Bourne:"I doubt that."
Noah Vosen:"Why would you doubt that?"
Jason Bourne:"If you were in your office right now, we'd be having this conversation face to face."
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Ezra Kramer:"So we have a dirty section chief who kills Bourne's girl, Bourne comes back for revenge, tapes Abbott's confession, and Abbott commits suicide. Now Bourne's gunning for us. You couldn't make this stuff up."
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Noah Vosen:"People listen up! This is a national security emergency! We have an imminent threat!"
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Dr. Albert Hirsch:"Welcome to the program."
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Pamela Landy:"You start down this path, where does it end?"
Noah Vosen:"It ends when we've won!"