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Colonel Hodges:"If you can tell me, right now, what the life expectancy was for a second lieutenant dropped into a hot LZ in Vietnam in 1968, I'll tell you everything I remember about Ca Lu."
Major Biggs:"One week?"
Colonel Hodges:"Negative, sixteen minutes."
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Bill Sokal:"Why should the United States be held responsible for the actions of one man?"
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Justin:"What's wrong mommy?"
Mrs. Mourain:"The people are upset about some things darling."
Justin:"Are they mad at daddy?"
Mrs. Mourain:"No they aren't mad at your daddy."
Justin:"Why are they yelling?"
Mrs. Mourain:"They want attention. They're trying to get attention so that people will listen to them."
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Colonel Childers:"You ain't missing nothing Hodge. It's a whole new ballgame. No friends, no enemies, no front, no rear, no victories, no defeats, no momma, no poppa."
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Colonel Childers:"When's the last time you actually caught something here?"
Colonel Hodges:"Two years."
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Colonel Childers:"What do you think?"
Colonel Hodges:"I think they're out to crucify you."
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Chandler:"We don't have anybody to back up your case."
Colonel Childers:"That's because all my witnesses are dead."
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Lieutenant Childers:"We got a reprieve you hear me? You don't get to die today!"
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General Perry:"Now do you want to tell me exactly what the hell happened out there?"
Colonel Childers:"I lost marines. The crowd was hostile, they fired on us. They fired first sir."
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Colonel Childers:"I need one more favor."
Colonel Hodges:"Yeah."
Colonel Childers:"Teach me how to fly-fish."
Colonel Hodges:"You are well aware that I know **** about fly-fishing."
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Aide:"Sir, security units are asking for an assessment."
Ambassador Mourain:"Assessment? We get the hell outta here, that's the assessment."
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Major Biggs:"What do you think would happen if a Yemeni killed 83 Americans? They would have a trial that would last for one day, and they'd take off his head."
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Lieutenant Childers:"Call your men off Hodges now! If he does, he can go. He's got my word on that. If you don't, I'll kill you where you stand."
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Colonel Childers:"I want you to be my lawyer."
Colonel Hodges:"I'm a good enough lawyer to know you need a better lawyer then me."
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Colonel Childers:"No more multiple choice questions about self-esteem."
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Ambassador Mourain:"Soldier! Why are we sitting here! Why are we sitting here!!"
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Bill Sokal:"Is that a threat?"
Colonel Hodges:"Oh yes sir."
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Major Biggs:"Mister Sokal, does this random, unfortunate news mean we should allow Colonel Childers and his troops loose in Washington DC? Don't answer that."
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Colonel Hodges:"Hey you! Remember me? It's the old guy who looks like you."
Hodges Jr.:"Do I know you?"
Colonel Hodges:"Yeah."
Hodges Jr.:"Yeah your voice sounds really familiar."
Colonel Hodges:"Well let me give you a clue. I was married to your mom for about five minutes."
Hodges Jr.:"Really? You sure? Cuz I don't uhh..."
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Colonel Hodges:"I can subpoena you mam."
Mrs. Mourain:"Please don't. Don't put me up there. I'm a very credible witness."
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Colonel Hodges:"And call it murder when he's defending himself. Call it murder for firing back when fired upon. To call it murder for saving the lives of his countrymen under the most extreme of circumstances. That's uh.... my fellow marines, that's hanging him out to dry. It's worse then leaving him wounded on the battlefield. That is something you do not do, if your a United States marine."