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The Cell (2000)

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Peter Novak:"I got bugs crawling all over my body."
Dr. Kent:"It gets worse."
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Peter Novak:"He only waited six days this time. When he first started, months could pass. Now that means one of two different things. One, he thinks we're stupid and we can't catch him. Two, which is the one that I believe, he wants to be caught."
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Gordon Ramsey:"Hey, where the hell have you been?"
Peter Novak:"I've been right here."
Gordon Ramsey:"Well next time tell me ok."
Peter Novak:"I didn't want to disturb you, you looked so cute, you know you all sleeping when you get that look on you."
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Catherine Deane:"He's living in a world that is not healthy. Let's show him a different place."
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Dr. Kent:"You're lucky she worships you."
Catherine Deane:"Why? Because he hates me?"
Dr. Kent:"Oh I wouldn't say hates. Distrusts, dislikes immensely, can't bear the sight of you."
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Peter Novak:"Wait, I think we might be missing the bigger picture here. Now whatever state that he happens to be in, there is a girl that is missing. Her name is Julia Hickson, and he is the only one that knows where she is."
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Dr. Lee:"The FBI has left the building."
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Catherine Deane:"I promised I'd come back and help you. See I always keep my promises."
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Catherine Deane:"I'm not the one who designed the procedure. I mean I wish I could take credit for it but I can't. I was chosen to do a job. They picked me, but if you think there is someone better, or someone who is more devoted to your son."
Dr. Lee:"No one is doubting your ability Cathrine."
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Catherine Deane:"My world, my rules!"
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Catherine Deane:"Thank you for the horse."
Edward Baines:"You liked him?"
Catherine Deane:"Oh it was beautiful. But I thought we were going sailing today. You promised."
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Peter Novak:"If we can't stop him, he ain't gonna stop himself."
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Peter Novak:"I believe a child can experience a hundred times worse the abuse then what Gish went through. And still grow up to be somebody that would never, ever, ever hurt another living being."
Cathrine:"And your sure of that?"
Peter Novak:"Yes I am. I'm sure of that."
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Catherine Deane:"I could never do what you do. Devote myself to understanding a mind like that."
Peter Novak:"I don't think I will ever be able to understand a mind like that."
Catherine Deane:"But you try, that's your job."
Peter Novak:"I guess so."