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Three Kings (1999)

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Archie Gates:"God bless America! And God bless a free Iraq!"
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Chief Elgin:"Yes! We're united!"
Archie Gates:"United! George Bush... George Bush wants you!"
Chief Elgin:"Stand up for yourselves!"
Iragi:"George Bush?"
Archie Gates:"Wants you! He wants all of you!"
Chief Elgin:"Stand together! We fight!"
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Debbie Barlow:"What's happening? What was that?"
Troy Barlow:"A wall just exploded."
Debbie Barlow:"I thought the war was over honey."
Troy Barlow:"Well it is and it isn't babe. Could you do me a favor and call the reserve center."
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Troy Barlow:"Five Rolexs and I can get my family that Lexus convertible."
Chief Elgin:"I told you Lexus doesn't make a convertible."
Troy Barlow:"Yes they do, it has room in the back for a kids seat."
Chief Elgin:"Infinity has a convertible but not Lexus."
Troy Barlow:"Wrong."
Chief Elgin:"Either way."
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Archie Gates:"What was that?"
Conrad Vig:"I rigged a football with C-4 sir."
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Chief Elgin:"Let me ask you a question. Does Lexus make this model?"
Iragi:"Infinity convertible only."
Iragi 2:"No Lexus convertible. Infinity only."
Iragi:"Infinity only."
Chief Elgin:"Exactly what I said."
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Troy Barlow:"Open it up."
Conrad Vig:"You only gave me one glove!"
Troy Barlow:"Well I'm sorry, I only have one glove. But you have to open it up. That's how the chain of command works."
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Chief Elgin:"The good Lord has put this map in our path and I believe we're gonna find some."
Troy Barlow:"Yeah well He could also put a land mine in our path if we go out there."
Chief Elgin:"I don't think so. I've been fire baptized and this one feels safe."
Troy Barlow:"What the hell are you talking about?"
Chief Elgin:"I have a ring of Jesus fire to guide my decisions."
Troy Barlow:"You're putting me on right."
Chief Elgin:"Do I look like I'm putting you on?"
Troy Barlow:"Ok, a ring of Jesus fire."
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Troy Barlow:"Are we shooting?!"
Troy Barlow:"Are we shooting people or what?!"
Soldier:"Are we shooting?!"
Troy Barlow:"That's what I'm asking you!"
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The Colonel:"You're under arrest and your gonna be court martialed. Your gonna show us where the bullion is right now."
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Archie Gates:"I'm talking about millions in Kuwati Bullion."
Conrad Vig:"You mean them little cubes you put into hot water to make soup?"
Archie Gates:"No, not the little cubes you put into hot water to make soup."
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Conrad Vig:"We three kings be stealing the gold."
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Archie Gates:"What is the most important thing in life?"
Troy Barlow:"What are you talking about?!"
Archie Gates:"What's the most important thing?"
Troy Barlow:"Respect."
Archie Gates:"To dependent on other people."
Conrad Vig:"What? Love?"
Archie:"A little Disneyland isn't it?"
Chief Elgin:"God's will."
Archie Gates:"Close. Necessity."