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District 9 (2009)

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Short clip of the Aliens talking
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Wikus:"Let me show you my wife. This is my special angel. She even looks like an angel with a halo. Do you want to see that? Look, you see, with the white veil over the head, she even looks like an angel. Everyone says that his wife is an angel, but this is a real angel that you're seeing there."
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Wikus:"Thomas! Thomas! Keep the gun on him! He's definitely a criminal!"
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Wikus:"We are here at MNU head office, Department of Alien Affairs. My name is Wikus van de Merwe. And behind me you can see other Alien Affairs workers. And what we do here at this department is we try to engage with the prawn on behalf of MNU and on behalf of humans."
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Wikus:"You know, this is amazing. I mean, These are obviously, you can see, stolen computers now that he's decorating his place with. Definitely doesn't have a permit for this."
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The blast sound from the alien ship
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Wikus:"Hello little guy! It's the 'sweetie man' coming!"