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U.S. Marshals (1998)

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Marshal Sam Gerard:"Welcome home Mark, do you want to start running again?"
Mark Sheridan:"I'm going back to bed."
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Marshal Sam Gerard:"You have a weapon?"
Special Agent John Royce:"Yeah, a big one. How about you?"
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Marshal Bobby Biggs:"Ooww!"
Marshal Cosmo Renfro:"I could've done that."
Marshal Bobby Biggs:"I'm gonna have to get a tetanus shot!"
Marshal Sam Gerard:"Cosmo, help me out of this chicken suit will you."
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Marshal Noah Newman:"You alright boss?"
Marshal Sam Gerard:"No, who's got my clothes?"
Marshal Cosmo Renfro:"I do... nice huh, what?!"
Marshal Savannah Cooper:"I knew it."
Marshal Bobby Biggs:"Told ya he wouldn't like it."
Marshal Cosmo Renfro:"I got the same thing last Christmas!"
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Marshal Sam Gerard:"Extending south from the Alexander and Pulaski county lines, have every house, hotel, hospital, back road, and back water searched for Mister Mark J. Roberts. Get his picture on the local television news casts and keep it there. Please consider him dangerous, and please act accordingly."
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Marshal Sam Gerard:"Where's the girl?"
Marshal Henry:"She's trying on a dress."
Marshal Sam Gerard:"She is not trying on a dress. He's in there with her right now! Get in there right now! Right now!"
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Marshal Sam Gerard: "Drop the gun pal!"
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Marshal Sam Gerard:"Ok Michael, regular or extra crispy?"
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Marshal Savannah Cooper:"How do you talk about food at a time like this?!"
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Marshal Cosmo Renfro:"Looks like the skies weren't too friendly last night."
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Marshal Cosmo Renfro:"Wait a minute, let me call for backup."
Marshal Sam Gerard:"I don't need them."
Marshal Cosmo Renfro:"Then I'm going with you."
Marshal Sam Gerard:"I'm going alone."
Marshal Cosmo Renfro:"What the hell is the matter with you!? Look, Sam you can't do this! I know how you feel, I feel the same way. I loved that kid too, but this is wrong! I'm telling you this as a friend."
Marshal Sam Gerard:"I'm not your friend."
Marshal Cosmo Renfro:"Fine forget it. You wanna kill Sheridan, you go ahead, you do it. But you remember this, you forget everything you taught me about this job. The rules, the regulations, the code. You do this Sam and its all about you. It's not about Newman anymore it's about you. The great Sam Gerard!"
Marshal Sam Gerard:"Yes I am."
Marshal Cosmo Renfro:"And you always have to win."
Marshal Sam Gerard:"Yes, I do."
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Marshal Sam Gerard:"You guys are without a doubt, the sorriest excuse for a warrant squad I've ever had to work with. But nobody got hurt! That's probably important, and you stayed close to the lead dog. Which means you probably get to keep working."
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Sheriff:"They found the two that fell from the plane, whats left of them. That Chinese fella Lin dropped onto some poor old boys roof and into the bathtub. It looked like a big bowl of gumbo with a bunch of ribs."
Marshal Sam Gerard:"I get the picture Sheriff."
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Special Agent John Royce:"Know what? You look like hell."
Marshal Sam Gerard:"I'm tired."
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Marshal Cosmo Renfro:"You know you owe me an apology."
Marshal Sam Gerard:"Yeah I know. Cosmo I know. But a...."
Marshal Cosmo Renfro:"But what?!"
Marshal Sam Gerard:"But I don't even like you man."
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Marshal Savannah Cooper:"Cosmo, you look so sad. Miss me?"
Marshal Cosmo Renfro:"No. No I miss my new Armani jacket, my shirts, ties, everything! They got... you know, I hate this place already!"
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Marshal Sam Gerard:"Okay people, lets move on this john doe. I'm not having any fun here! You know how cranky I get when I don't have any fun!"
Marshal Bobby Biggs:"Yeah we know we know."
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Marshal Sam Gerard:"That is not a ball point pen."
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Marshal Sam Gerard:"Well he's not going in there to pray."
Marshal Noah Newman:"No sir."
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Marshal Bobby Biggs:"Alright so what do you want us to do? Ya know we're exhausted. We haven't slept for two days!"
Marshal Sam Gerard:"Stay on the trail, you can sleep next month."
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Marshal Sam Gerard:"Looks like mister slice and dice and our mystery man have a bag exchange here."
Marshal Cosmo Renfro:"But what do you think is in the bag? I bet it's not his dirty laundry."
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Mark Sheridan:"You know, for what its worth, I'm sorry that I shot you."
Marshal Sam Gerard:"Oh that's okay."
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Mark Sheridan:"This is Tow 6 to base. Hello? This is Tow 6 to base, pickup pickup! Get your hand off the doughnut will you."
Base:"Hello Tow 6, this is Base."
Mark Sheridan:"Thank you!"
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Marshal Bobby Biggs:"As long as I live, if I never see Gerard in yellow tights again, I'm gonna die a happy man."