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Zulu (1964)

Lieutenant Bromhead...

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Colour-Sergeant Bourne:"Hitch. Hitch I saw you, you're alive."
Private Hitch:"I am? Oh, thanks very much."
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Lieutenant Chard:"The army doesn't like more then one disaster in a day."
Lieutenant Bromhead:"It looks bad in the newspapers and upsets civilians at their breakfast."
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Soldier:"He's turning blue!"
Private Hook:"Yeah yeah, very pretty, lovely."
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Zulu Chant
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Another Zulu song
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Lieutenant Bromhead:"I'll tell my man to clean your kit."
Lieutenant Chard:"Don't bother."
Lieutenant Bromhead:"No bother. I'm not offering to clean it myself."
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Lieutenant Bromhead:"What are you waiting for? Come on! Come on!"
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Richard Burton's closing comments at the end of the movie
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Soldier:"He's right! Why is it us? Why us?"
Colour-Sergeant Bourne:"Because we're here lad. Nobody else."
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Missionary:"Death awaits you! You have made a covenant with death and with hell, you are in agreement. You're all going to die! Don't you realize?! Can't you see?! You're all going to die! Die! Death awaits you all!"
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Hughes:"Hey Hooky, who's doing all that shooting? Who do you think?"
Private Hook:"Who do you think?! Mister flaming Bromhead, shooting flaming defenseless animals for the flaming officers flaming dinner."
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Lieutenant Bromhead:"Sixty! We dropped at least sixty wouldn't you say?!"
Adendorff:"Well that leaves only 3940."
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Lieutenant Bromhead:"Fire at will!"
Private Owen:"That's very nice of him."
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Chard and Bromhead talk about their first action
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Colour-Sergeant Bourne:"It's a miracle."
Lieutenant Chard:"If it's a miracle color sergeant, it's a short chamber Boxer Henry point 45 caliber miracle."
Colour-Sergeant Bourne:"And a bayonet sir, with some guts behind it."
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Surgeon Reynolds:"This is going to hurt you a lot more then it will me I'm happy to say."
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Corporal Allen:"Heave! Put a bit more weight on that rope you men!"
Private Williams:"He even got a voice like a corporal."
Private Hitch:"Yeah. Sort of like a female hippopotamus in labor."
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Colour-Sergeant Bourne:"The Lord of hosts is with us."
Corporal Allen:"I hope so. As I live an die I hope so."
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Lieutenant Bromhead:"Well chin, chin. Do carry on with your mud pies."
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Corporal Schiess:"I belong to Natal Mounted Police."
Private Jones:"Is that true then? He's a peeler, 716, come to arrest the Zulus."
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Private Hook:"28 days field punishment! No pay! Do you know what he did? He sent my money to my Mrs. Now what did you do that for."
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Soldiers singing the Men of Harlech
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Men of Harlech again (at the end of the movie)
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Ardendorf:"Haven't you had enough?! Both of you! My god can't you see its all over! Your bloody egos don't matter anymore. We're dead."
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Colour-Sergeant Bourne:"Alright, nobody told you to stop working."