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Saito:"Do you want to take a leap of faith, or become an old man, filled with regret, waiting to die alone?"
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Ariadne:"Why are they all looking at me?"
Cobb:"Because my subconscious feels that someone else is creating this world. The more you change things, the quicker the projections start to converge on you."
Cobb:"They sense the foreign nature of the dreamer. They attack like white blood cells fighting an infection."
Ariadne:"They're going to attack us?"
Cobb:"No, just you."
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Mal:"You keep telling yourself what you know, but what do you believe? What do you feel?"
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Eames:"You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling."
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Cobb:"That price on my head, was that dead or alive?"
Eames:"Don't remember. See if he starts shooting."
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Cobb:"Downwards is the only way forwards."
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Arthur:"Quick, give me a kiss."
Ariadne:"They're still looking at us."
Arthur:"Yeah, it was worth a shot."
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Cobb:"I have a test for you."
Ariadne:"You're not going to tell me anything about this first?"
Cobb:"Before I describe the job I have to know you can do it."
Cobb:"It's not, strictly speaking, legal."
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Eames:"So, now we're trapped in Fischer's mind battling his own private army and if we get killed, we'll be lost in limbo till our brains turn into scrambled egg."
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Eames:"Security is going to run you down hard."
Arthur:"Then I will lead them on a merry chase."
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Ariadne:"Who or what is Mr. Charles?"
Arthur:"It's a gambit designed to turn Fischer against his own subconscious."
Ariadne:"And why don't you approve?"
Arthur:"Because it involves telling the mark that he's dreaming, which involves attracting a lot of attention to us."
Ariadne:"Didn't Cobb say never to do that."
Arthur:"Hmm. So now you've noticed how much time Cobb spends doing things he says never to do."
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Cobb:"I can't imagine you with all your complexity, all you perfection, all your imperfection. Look at you. You are just a shade, your just a shade of my real wife. You're the best I can do, but I'm sorry, you're just not good enough."
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Ariadne:"I don't know if you can't see what's going on, or you just don't want to, but Cobb has some serious problems that he's tried to bury down there. And I'm not about to just open my mind to someone like that."
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Cobb:"I know this bridge. This place is real, isn't it?"
Ariadne:"Yeah, I cross it everyday to get to the college."
Cobb:"Never recreate places from your memory. Always imagine new places."
Ariadne:"Well you gotta draw it from stuff you know, right?"
Cobb:"Only use details. A street lamp or a phone booth. Never entire areas."
Ariadne:"Why not?"
Cobb:"Because building a dream from your memory is the easiest way to lose your grasp on what's real, and what is a dream."
Ariadne:"Is that what happened to you?"
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Miles:"Come back to reality Dom."
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Cobb:"Well, dreams, they feel real while we're in them, right? It's only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange."
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Ariadne:"Mind telling your subconscious to take it easy?"
Cobb:"It's my subconscious, remember I can't control it."