Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein sound clips

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)

Bud Abbot and Lou Costello star as freight movers responsible for delivering Dracula and Frankenstein to a house of horrors.

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Chick Young:"A scientist named Frankenstein made a monster by sowing together parts of old dead bodies."
Wilbur Grey:"Do you have to read that stuff?"
Chick Young:"Wait a minute. Frankenstein gave the monster eternal life by shooting it full of electricity. Some people claim it is not dead even now, just dormant. Now who would be silly enough to believe that?"
Wilbur Grey:"Who would be silly enough to believe that!"
Chick Young:"Yeah!"
Wilbur Grey:"Me!"
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Chick Young:"I know there's no such a person as Dracula. You know there's no such a person as Dracula."
Wilbur Grey:"But does Dracula know it?"
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Joan Raymond:"Oh Wilbur, can't we both go along too?"
Wilbur Grey:"Yes, mon amour. That's Spanish."
Chick Young:"That's French!"
Wilbur Grey:"How do you like that, I speak French too!"
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Chick Young:"Now you've got two dates. What about Sandra, you bigamist!"
Wilbur Grey:"Sandra? I don't know. Joan's awful cute."
Chick Young:"Oh alright, you take Joan, I'll take Sandra."
Wilbur Grey:"Oh, Sandra sends me."
Chick Young:"Well then I'll take Joan."
Wilbur Grey:"Joan sends me too."
Chick Young:"Now listen you sawed-off romeo! In a minute I'll send you!"
Wilbur Grey:"You don't even appeal to me."
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Chick Young:"Now look, you've got Joan and Sandra. You got two girls."
Wilbur Grey:"How about the two girls we had last week?"
Chick Young:"Let's not talk about..."
Wilbur Grey:"You got the kick on them."
Chick Young:"I'm not kicking!"
Wilbur Grey:"You had the best looking one."
Chick Young:"So what?"
Wilbur Grey:"Yours had teeth."
Chick Young:"Look Wilbur. Yours had teeth too!"
Wilbur Grey:"Did you see that tooth?"
Chick Young:"Yes, I happened to see it."
Wilbur Grey:"Mine had so much bridge work, every time I kissed her, I had to pay toll."
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Mr. McDougal:"You're going to take those down to my House of Horrors and un-crate them, because if that's the way you handle baggage, I'm going to have the insurance agent there to inspect them before I accept delivery."
Wilbur Grey:"Well, then it's gonna cost you overtime because I'm a union man and I work only sixteen hours a day."
Mr. McDougal:"A union man only works 8 hours a day."
Wilbur Grey:"I belong to two unions!"