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Paul Kirby:"Doctor Grant, we're not leaving this island without our son."
Dr. Alan Grant:"Then you can go and look for him, or you can stick with us as long as you don't hold us up. Either way, you probably won't get off this island alive."
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Dr. Alan Grant:"What are they doing?!"
Pual Kirby:"They're setting up a perimeter to make the place safe. These guys are..."
Dr. Alan Grant:"Kirby, trust me, on this island there is no such thing as safe! We have to get back on that plane! Will you tell your wife to stop making that noise?! That is a very very bad idea!"
Paul Kirby:"Amanda! Amanda! Honey! Dr. Grant says that's a bad idea!"
Amanda Kirby:"What?!"
Paul Kirby:"He says it's a bad idea!"
Amanda Kirby:"What's a bad idea?!"
Dinosaur roars
Paul Kirby:"What was that?"
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Dr. Alan Grant:"Reverse Darwinism. Survival of the most idiotic."
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Billy Brennan:"What do you think it is?"
Mr. Udesky:"As far as I'm concerned, Four Seasons."
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Dr. Alan Grant:"You cannot land on this island!"
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Dr. Alan Grant:"We haven't landed yet."
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Paul Kirby:"What do we do?"
Mr. Udesky:"We search for your son, in the direction that they're going."
Paul Kirby:"Excellent, excellent."
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Dr. Alan Grant:"Nobody move a muscle!"
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Dr. Alan Grant:"What John Hammond and InGen did at Jurassic Park, is create genetically engineered theme park monsters. Nothing more, and nothing less."
Reporter:"Are you saying that you wouldn't want to get onto Isla Sorna and study them if you had the chance?"
Dr. Alan Grant:"No force on earth or heaven could get me on that island."
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Dr. Alan Grant:"Here we are in the worst place in the world and we're not even being paid."
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Amanda Kirby:"This is how you make dinosaurs?"
Dr. Alan Grant:"No... this is how you play God."
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Mr. Udesky:"If we split up, I'm going with you guys."
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Dr. Alan Grant:"Actually Charlie, those are Herbivores. They really wouldn't be interesting in fighting with each other. But these ones here are Carnivores, and they really like fighting with each other. They use their teeth and claws to rip each other..."
Dr. Ellie Sattler:"Alan, he's three. Let's wait till he's five."

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