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127 Hours (2010)

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Aron Ralston:"So the guide book says that the route's through here, but I know a better way. The cool way. Guaranteed best time you can have with your clothes on. Although, it's better with your clothes off."
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Aron Ralston:"Help! Help! Help! Help!"
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Aron Ralston:"Alright, now all you got to remember is that everything will be ok."
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Aron Ralston:"Good morning everyone! It is seven o'clock here, in Canyonlands, USA. And this morning, on the boulder, we have a very special guest, self-proclaimed American super hero Aron Ralston! Let's hear it from Aron! Hi, oh, gosh, it's. It's a real pleasure to be here, thank you. Thank you. Hey, can I say hi to my mom and dad? Mom and dad? Mustn't forget mom and dad, right Aron? Yeah, that's right. Hey mom. I'm really sorry I didn't answer the phone the other night. If I had I would have told you where I was going and then, well I probably wouldn't be here right now. That's for sure! But like I always say: "Your supreme selfishness, is our gain". Thank you Aron. Anyone else you'd like to say hi to? Umm, well Brian at work. "Hi, Aron". Hey, I probably won't be making it in to work today. Ha ha ha. Get a load of this guy! Oh, wait, hold on. We've got a question coming in from another Aron, in Loser Canyon, Utah. Aron asks: Am I right in thinking even if Brian from work notifies the police, they'll put a 24-hour hold on it before they file a missing persons report, which means you won't become officially missing until midday Wednesday at the earliest? Yeah, you're right on the money there, Aron. Which means, I'll probably be dead by then. Aron, from Loser Canyon, Utah, how do you know so much? Well, I'll tell you how I know so much. I volunteer for the rescue service. You see, I'm something of a, well a big ****ing hard hero. And I can do everything on my own, you see? I do see! Now, is it true that despite, or maybe because you're a big ****ing hard hero, you didn't tell anyone where you were going? oh, Yeah, that's absolutely correct. Anyone? Anyone. Oops."