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The Road to Bali (1952)

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Harold Gridley:"The name's Gridley, Princess, Harold Gridley. Sportsman, raconteur, polo player and all around good egg."
George Cochran:"Well don't lay it here huh."
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Princess Lala:"Do you always fight over girls?"
Harold Gridley:"Well what else can we fight over? We've never had any money. That's for Washington."
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Harold Gridley:"I'm not actually the diver, I'm the pump man. I have a friend who does the diving."
Ken Arok:"Is your friend experienced?"
Harold Gridley:"Well he's been underwater half his life. He used to be a lifeguard at a car wash."
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George Cochran:"Well!"
Harold Gridley:"Well!"
Princess Lala:"Well!"
Harold Gridley:"Your turn."