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Oz the Great and Powerful (2013)

A traveling magician and con artist gets caught up in a tornado and is whisked away to the magical land of Oz.

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Knuck: "All hail the Wizard."
Soldiers: "All hail the Wizard."
Finley: "All hail the Wizard! The mightiest of mighties! The greatest, most powerful and most genuine of real and true wizards."
Oz: "Thank you."
Finley: "A wizard above scrutiny, with no covert agenda or subversive intention whatsoever. A wizard of the highest moral rectitude. He's just a real, good, solid wizard, everyone. The Wizard, here he is!"
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Oz: "We're gonna find this wicked witch, steal her wand. I'll get that big pile of gold and you can have a nice pile of bananas, alright?"
Finley: "Bananas? Oh, I see. Because I'm a monkey, I must love bananas, right? That is a vicious stereotype."
Oz: "You don't like bananas?"
Finley: "Of course I love bananas! I'm a monkey, don't be ridiculous. I just don't like you saying it."
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Oz: "A gift, in honor of your debut. This belonged to my grandmother, Serena from Irkutsk. A decorated war hero."
May: "Your grandmother?"
Oz: "Yes, she was killed in battle. Poor thing."
May: "Which battle?"
Oz: "Which battle? There were so many. You've heard of the battle of Kerplach?"
May: "No."
Oz: "No? Good. That's where she died."
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Oz: "Zim Zala Bin! Be gone coward! Fear my greatness!"
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Knuck: "Let's move it Wizard!"
Oz: "Can you give me a break?"
Knuck: "I'll break your nose!"
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Oz: "Hate the Dark Forest! Hate the Dark Forest!"
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China Girl: "What's going on?"
Finley: "Not sure. I sneezed the plan away."
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Finley: "And to think, you almost killed Glinda for a bit of gold."
Oz: "A bit? There are mountains of it, buddy. Not that I was going to do it. I, I wasn't really going to break your wand."
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Theodora: "There's so much good here. It sickens me."
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Oz: "I don't want to be a good man, I want to be a great one."
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Frank: "You're the new girl, huh?"
May: "Yes."
Frank: "Good. We needed a new one, the last one left us. Poor thing, suffered from a broken heart."
Oz: "Attack. Heart attack. But she's resting comfortably now in Abilene, expected to make a full recovery."
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China Girl: "Let's go kill ourselves a witch!"
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Oz: "Thank you! Wow, you're a wonderful crowd! You put the 'merry' back in the merry land of Oz."
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Oz: "Good work. You just sneezed away the plan."
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Oz: "As my new assistant, all you need to know are the three ups. Show up, keep up, shut up."
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Finley: "What now Wizard?"
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Evanora: "Soon you will feel nothing at all except beautiful wickedness."
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Oz: "I don't think I like witches."
Theodora laughs
Oz: "What?"
Theodora: "I too am a witch. I'm Theodora the Good."
Oz: "You're not a witch."
Theodora: "Of course I am."
Oz: "Where are all your warts? Where's your broom?"
Theodora: "What would I do with a broom?"
Oz: "Fly?"
Theodora: "With a broom?"
Oz: "Never mind."
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Oz: "Zim Zala Bim!"

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