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First Knight (1995)

King Arthur...

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Lancelot:"Ask me."
Guinevere:"no no."
Lancelot:"Ask me."
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Lancelot:"I knew I could do it so I did it."
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Lancelot:"Perhaps fear made them go back when they should have gone forward.
King Arthur:"And you felt no fear?"
Lancelot:"I have nothing to lose, so what do I have to fear?
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King Arthur:"Have you ever run the gauntlet before?"
Lancelot:"No, never."
King Arthur:"So how did you do it?"
Lancelot:"It's not hard to know where the danger is if you watch it coming."
King Arthur:"Well others have found it hard enough."
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Lancelot:"I dare not kiss so lovely a lady. I have only one heart to lose."
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King Arthur:"No home. Family?"
King Arthur:"Do you have a profession?"
Lancelot:"I live by my sword."
King Arthur:"You fight for pay?"
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King Arthur:"I don't believe I've ever seen such a display of courage, skill, nerve, grace, stupidity."