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Charade (1963)

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Hamilton Bartholemew:"Do you know what CIA is?"
Regina Lampert:"I don't suppose it's an airline is it?"
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Regina Lampert:"What's this got to do with the CIO?"
Hamilton Bartholemew:"CIA, Mrs. Lampert."
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Sylvie Gaudet:"He must have known Charles pretty well."
Regina Lampert:"How can you tell?"
Sylvie Gaudet:"He's allergic to him."
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Regina Lampert:"Oh I love you Adam, Alex, Peter, Brian, whatever your name is! Oh I love you. I hope we have a lot of boys so we can name them all after you."
Peter Joshua:"Well before we start that, can I have the stamps?"
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Regina Lampert:"The man and the woman are married."
Peter Joshua:"Oh I can see that, they're batting each other over the head."
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Herman Scobie:"Where's the money?!"
Peter Joshua:"Is that why you dragged me all the way up here? To ask me that?"
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Peter Joshua:"Now stop that nonsense!"
Regina Lampert:"Stop bullying me. Everyone is bullying me."
Peter Joshua:"I'm not bullying you."
Regina Lampert:"Yes you were, you said it was nonsense. Being murdered in cold blood is not nonsense. Why don't you try it sometime."
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Peter Joshua:"What are you doing in here?"
Regina Lampert:"I'm having a nervous breakdown."
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Leopold W. Gideon:"I keep telling myself we've stolen a great deal of money, but up to now I've yet to see a penny of it."
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Regina Lampert:"Can't you be serious?"
Peter Joshua:"Oh! You just said a horrible word."
Regina Lampert:"What did I say?"
Peter Joshua:"'Serious'. When a man gets to be my age, that's the last word he ever wants to hear."
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Inspector Edouard Grandpierre:"Obviously you are telling the truth, for why would invent such a ridiculous story."
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Regina Lampert:"You know what's wrong with you?"
Peter Joshua:"No, what?"
Regina Lampert:"Nothing."