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My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

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Nick:"You know, I gotta tell ya. I've never seen my sister so happy. If you hurt her, I'll kill ya and make it look like an accident. Hey Ian, look at your face its just a joke. Its just a joke!"
Ian:"Good one."
Nick:"The good one is I got a gun. Yeah I got a gun and I swear I'll jam it right up your... Ian! I got you again! I got you again Ian! Come on lighten up! Lighten up! I'll lighten ya. I'll lighten ya when I take out your kidneys."
Nick:"One more time Ian! Hey Angelo!"
Angelo:"Hey Ian! We're gonna kill ya!"
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Toula:"At Greek school, I learned valuable lessons like if Nick has one goat, and Maria has nine, how soon will they marry?"
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Gus:"You better get married soon. Your starting to look old."
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Toula:"My brain stopped. You know, ever have one of those days? Going along and... stop. Yeah, here I am, standing here, your own private greek statue."