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The Ring (2002)

Richard Morgan...

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Rachel:"I'm here! I'm alright.... I think..."
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Noah:"Call me somtime... unless your renting a movie."
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Richard Morgan:"My wife was not supposed to have a child!"
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Rachel:"I have to stop her! If I don't my son will die!"
Richard Morgan:"Oh yes, he will. She never sleeps."
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Samara:"He wants me to go away."
Doctor:"No he doesn't."
Samara:"But he doesn't know..."
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Aidan:"Don't you understand Rachel? She never sleeps..."
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Noah:"I'm sure its a lot.... scarier at night."
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Doctor:"You don't want to hurt anyone."
Samara:"But I do and I'm sorry... it won't stop."
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Rachel:"What do you want... What do you want?! What do you want from me?!!"