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Shark Tale (2004)

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Oscar:"She's gonna blow!"
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Sykes:"Look I've been going over my markers. Your into me for five grand. Five G's! ok?!"
Oscar:"Five G's?! Man your tripping! Five G's?!"
Sykes:"oh yeah? See if this refreshes your memory!"
Oscar:"Whoa! That's crazy! Look at that! You wrote everything down so you wouldn't forget! Wow! This is a perfect example of why your in management and I'm not. You go boy!"
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Lenny:"Your a comic genius."
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Oscar:"Hey Crazy Joe!"
Crazy Joe:"Now you live in a great penthouse, can I be your financial advisor?"
Oscar:"That's a billboard Crazy Joe."
Crazy Joe:"You live in a billboard? And they call me crazy!"
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Oscar:"Welcome to Oscar's crib. Sixty foot slime covered tongue, with canker sores, swimming cavities, and plankton encrusted teeth for when I'm feeling a little old school!"
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Lenny:"Frankie, I can do this! What if I can't do this?!"
Frankie:"Then don't bother coming home."
Lenny:"Good point!"
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Angie:"Your gonna get me fired!"
Oscar:"Please, you fired?! Naw that can't happen, because then I would absolutely no reason for coming to work."
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Don Lino:"It's a fish eat fish world... you either take or you get taken."
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Sykes:"The foodchain... You see, on top there's Don Lino, there's me, then there's regular fish."
Oscar:"Thats me!"
Sykes:"No! There's plankton, there's single celemeatus."
Oscar:"And then there's me!"
Sykes:"I'm getting there, I'm getting there... there's coral, there's rocks, there's whale pooh... and then there's you."
Oscar:"... That's messed up."
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Oscar:"Yo I'm sorry Dunn, Angie needs to get her freak on, would you hold for one moment please. Thanks dog!"
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Shrimp:"You're a good person."
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Ernie:"Find a happy place!"
Sykes:"There is no happy place with him around!"
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Angie:"Good morning, can I help you?"
Whale:"One wash and lube please."
Angie:"Hot wax?"
Angie:"Kelp scrape? We're having a special, what do you say?"
Whale:"Why not... its mating season, and I'm feeling lucky."
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Lola:"Look, deep down I'm really superficial. Don't get me wrong, you're cute, but you're a nobody."
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Ernie:"Oscar, you're cute, but you're a nobody."
Bernie:"Wait, Lola! Come back! I'm not a nobody! I'm a weiner!"
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Don Lino:"That's it! That's it! You are out!"
Sykes:"What? What do you mean I'm out?"
Don Lino:"You're fired!"
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Lenny:"Eye of the tiger."
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Oscar:"That was crazy right! Who knew?! I mean, everything was set, it's a lock, we're good to go, we're in the money. And he trips underwater! Who in the halibut trips underwater? And by the way, on what?"
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Don Lino:"Right here, in front of me now, eat this!"
Lenny:"Yeah, gee thanks pop. Here's the thing. I'm on a diet and I read an article about these shrimps, they not good for you I tell you. You know how many calories are in one of those shrimps? A lot!"
Shrimp:"Its true, its true! And the other thing is, my sister had a baby and I took it over because she passed away and then the baby lost all its legs and it's arms and now its nothing but a stump, but I still take care of it with my wife and... and its growing and its fairly happy... and its difficult because I've been working the second shift at the factory to put food on the table but all the love that I see in that little guy's face makes it worth it in the end... True story."
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Lenny:"Frankie! You know I can't do this!
Frankie:"Lenny, if you want to make Pop happy you gotta kill something!"
Lenny:"Or I could find a very old sick fish and just wait."
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Don Lino:"You gotta understand when you look weak it makes me look weak."
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Angie:"Sykes Whale Wash, whale of a wash, and the price... oh my gosh."
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Don Lino:"I bring you in here, look you in the eye, tell you whats what... and what?"
Don Lino:"What what?"
Sykes:"What what nothing. You said what."
Don Lino:"I didn't say what first, I asked you what."
Sykes:"No you said 'and then what' and I said what."
Don Lino:"Well I said what what like what what."
Sykes:"... you said what first."
Don Lino:"Now your making fun of me?!"
Sykes:"No no no you misunderstood!"
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Oscar:"Ahh Sykes! My brother from another mother! What the daisy baby! Show me that uh, whats going down. Ah baby this is all gravy today. Now snap your fins, right, snap it. Your not snapping it."
Oscar:"Oh hey don't sweat it Sykes, a lot of white fish can't do it."
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Oscar:"Shouldn't you kids be in school?"
Kid:"Shouldn't you be at work?"
Oscar:"Whoa right back at me huh... little smart mouth."