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Master and Commander - The Far Side of the World (2003)

Captain Jack Aubrey...

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Captain Jack Aubrey:"You've come to the wrong shop for anarchy brother."
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Captain Jack Aubrey:"Right, from now on, no sirs, no salutes, no whistles, no bells."
Officers:"Aye sir."
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Blakeney:"Should you really be getting up sir?"
Dr. Stephen:"Mr. Blakeney, are you also a doctor?"
Blakeney:"No sir."
Dr. Stephen:"No your not."
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Joe:"Evil comes from him who evil thinks and evil is."
Killick:"No no, Joe here knows a thing or two about evil. From personal experience I'd say."
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Dr. Stephen:"Well Mr. Blakeney, it would appear that you have the makings of a naturalist."
Blakeney:"Well sir, perhaps I could combine them to be a sort of fighting naturalist. Like you sir."
Dr. Stephen:"They don't combine too well I find."
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Captain Jack Aubrey:"Well Stephen, the birds flightless?"
Dr. Stephen:"Yes."
Captain Jack Aubrey:"It's not going anywhere."
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Dr. Stephen:"You see for my part I look upon a promise as binding."
Captain Jack Aubrey:"The promise was conditional. I command the King's ship, not a private yacht! We do not have time for your damned hobby sir!"
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Captain Jack Aubrey:"Master at arms, take that man below and clap him in irons!"
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Captain Jack Aubrey:"I intend to take a greater interest in the bounty of nature from now on."
Dr. Stephen:"Really?"
Captain Jack Aubrey:"Yes. I had no idea that a study of nature could advance the art of naval warfare."
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Captain Jack Aubrey:"Do you want to see a guillotine in Piccadilly?"
Captain Jack Aubrey:"Want to call that raggedy-ass Napoleon your king?"
Captain Jack Aubrey:"You want your children to sing the "La Marseillaise?"
Captain Jack Aubrey:"Mr. Mowett, Mr. Pullings, starboard battery!"
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The Crew saying the Lord's Prayer
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Captain Jack Aubrey:"Now to pull this predator in close and spring our trap."
Dr. Stephen:"Jack, you're the predator."
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Captain Jack Aubrey:"For England! For home! And for the prize!"
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Captain Jack Aubrey:"The first time he spoke to me, I shall never forget his words. I remember like it was yesterday. He leaned across the table, he looked me straight in the eye, and he said, 'Aubrey may I trouble you for the salt?'"
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Captain Jack Aubrey:"We therefore commit their bodies to the deep. To be turned into corruption. Looking for the resurrection of the body when the Sea shall give up her dead, in the life of the world to come. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, amen."
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Captain Jack Aubrey:"I hate it when you talk of the service in this way, it makes me so very low."
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Dr. Stephen:"Jack, I fear you may have burdened me with a debt I can never fully repay."
Captain Jack Aubrey:"Tosh. Name a shrub after me. Something prickly and hard to eradicate."
Dr. Stephen:"A shrub?! Nonsense I'll name a great tortoise after you!"
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The officers singing a song as the ship sails around Cape Horn.
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Captain Jack Aubrey:"You there! Stand fast!"
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Captain Jack Aubrey:"Right lads, now I know there's not a faint heart among you, and I know you're as anxious as I am to get into close action. But we must bring them right up beside us before we spring this trap. That will test our nerve, and discipline will count just as much as courage. The Acheron is a tough nut to crack. More than twice our guns, more than twice our numbers, and they will sell their lives dearly. Topmen, your handling of the sheets to be lubberly and un-navy like. Until the signal calls, you're to spill the wind from our sails, this will bring us almost to a complete stop. Gun crews, you must run out and tie down in double quick time. With the rear wheels removed, you've gained elevation. and without recoil, there'll be no chance for re-load, so gun captains, that gives you one shot from the lardboard battery. One shot only. You'll fire for her mainmast. Much will depend on your accuracy. However even crippled, she will still be dangerous, like a wounded beast. Captain Howard and the marines will sweep their weather deck with swivel gun and musket fire from the tops. They'll try and even the odds for us before we board. They mean to take us as a prize. And we are worth more to them undamaged. Their greed will be their downfall. England is under threat of invasion, and though we be on the far side of the world, this ship is our home. This ship, is England. So it's every hand to his rope or gun, quick's the word and sharp's the action. After all, surprise is on our side."
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Captain Jack Aubrey:"To wives and to sweethearts."
Officers:"To wives and sweethearts."
Captain Jack Aubrey:"May they never meet."
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Captain Jack Aubrey:"Do you see those two weevils doctor?"
Dr. Stephen:"I do."
Captain Jack Aubrey:"Which would choose?"
Dr. Stephen:"Neither. There is not a scrap a difference between them. They are the same species of curculio."
Captain Jack Aubrey:"If you had to choose. If you were forced to make a choice. If there was no other response..."
Dr. Stephen:"Well then if your going to push me, I would choose the right hand weevil. It has significant advantage in both length and breadth."
Captain Jack Aubrey:"There! I have you! Your completely dished! Do you not know that in the service, one must always choose the lesser of two weevils!"
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Sailor:"Well I can't see any women. Just lots of ducks and lizards."
Sailor 2:"What? No women? Ain't natural!"