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The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)


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Father Christmas:"Long live Aslan!"
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Edmund:"How do we know we can trust him?"
Peter:"He said he knows the fawn."
Susan:"He's a beaver. He shouldn't be saying anything!"
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Professor Kirke:"What were you all doing in the wardrobe?"
Peter:"You wouldn't believe us if we told you sir."
Professor Kirke:"Try me."
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The White Witch:"The great cat is dead!"
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Aslan:"That when a willing victim has who has committed no treachery is killed in a traitor's stead, the Stone Table will crack and even death itself will turn backwards."
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The White Witch:"In that knowledge, despair... and die!"
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Peter:"We thought you were the witch."
Father Christmas:"Yes I'm sorry about that, but in my defense, I have been driving one of these longer than the witch."
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Aslan:"Climb on my back. We have far to go and little time to get there, and you may want to cover your ears!"
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Aslan:"This may be harder than you think."
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Peter:"If he tells us to hurry one more time, I'm gonna turn him into a big fluffy hat!"
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Edmund:"Whoa horsey!"
Philip the Horse:"My name is Philip."
Edmund:"Oh... sorry."
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The White Witch:"Where are the humans headed?"
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Father Christmas:"I must be off. Winter is almost over. And things do pile up when you've been gone a hundred years."
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Lucy:"Don't worry. I'm sure it's just your imagination."
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Edmund:"Perhaps we've been incorrectly labeled."
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Mr Tumnus:"Don't worry. We'll see him again."
Mr Tumnus:"In time. One day he'll be here and the next he won't. But you must not press him. After all, he's not a tame lion."
Lucy:"No... but he is good."
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Susan:"She thinks she found a magical land in the upstairs wardrobe."
Professor Kirke:"What did you say?"
Peter:"The wardrobe upstairs. Lucy thinks she found a forest inside."
Susan:"She won't stop going on about it."
Professor Kirke:"What was it like?!"
Susan:"Like talking to a lunatic!"
Professor Kirke:"No no, not her, the forest!"
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Fox:"Forgive me your majesty."
The White Witch:"Don't waste my time with flattery."
Fox:"Not to seem rude, but I wasn't actually talking to you."
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Mrs Beaver:"You've been sneaking second helpings haven't you!"
Mr Beaver:"Well you never know which meal is going to be your last. Especially with your cooking."
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Peter:"Aslan, I'm not who you all think I am."
Aslan:"Peter Pevensie, formerly of Finchley. Beaver also mentioned that you planned on turning him into a hat."
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Peter:"Maybe we could call the police?"
Susan:"These are the police."
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The White Witch:"How do I know your promise will be kept?"
Aslan Roars
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Mr Beaver:"I ain't gonna smell it if that's what you want."
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Ginarrbrik:"Is our little prince uncomfortable? Does he want his pillow fluffed? Special treatment for the special boy."
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The White Witch:"Do you know why you are here faun?"
Mr Tumnus:"Because I believe in a free Narnia."
The White Witch:"You're here because he turned you in... for sweeties."
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Professor Kirke:"What do they teach in schools these days."
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Susan:"But we can't go hiking in the snow dressed like this."
Peter:"No, but I'm sure the Professor wouldn't mind us using these. Anyway, if you think about it logically, we're not even taking them out of the wardrobe."
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Mrs Beaver:"Look at my fur! You couldn't give me ten minutes warning?!"
Mr Beaver:"I would've given you a week if I thought it would've helped."
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The White Witch:"We have work to do."
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Peter:"It's so far."
Mrs Beaver:"It's the world dear. Did you expect it to be small?"

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