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Payback (1999)


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Arthur Stegman:"And your bleeding all over my couch! Come on you!"
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Porter:"Shut up! I cured you!"
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Lynn Porter:"You look pretty good for a dead guy."
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Lynn Porter:"Where to?"
Porter:"Just drive baby."
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Fairfax:"Who the hell are you?!"
Porter:"I'm the reason your home early Mr. Fairfax."
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Pearl:"I've got a few minutes."
Porter:"So go boil an egg."
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Porter:"If I'd been just a little dumber, I could have joined the force myself."
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Porter:"Old habits die hard I guess. If you don't kick'em, they kick you. Ain't marriage grand."
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Lynn Porter:"What happened to you?"
Porter:"I got hammered."
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Pearl:"Hubba hubba hubba..."
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Det. Leary:"Porter, we're gonna give you immunity."
Det. Hicks:"Room to operate... get out of jail free card."
Det. Leary:"All you gotta do is get the money... Oh, we can't help you though."
Det. Hicks:"It'd be against the law."
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Fairfax:"Man that's just mean! That's mean man!"
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Porter:"They weren't wearing their seat belts."
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Fairfax:"You just signed your own death warrant for 130 thousand dollars. I don't get that. What is it? The principle or something?"
Porter:"Stop it I'm getting misty. And tell them it's seventy will ya."
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Porter:"We made a deal. If she'd stop hooking, I'd stop shooting people. Maybe we were aiming high."
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Val Resnick:"What am I?! A nobody!?"
Arthur Stegman:"No!"
Val:"I've got friends! All I have to do is point! I pick up a phone, say his name and he's a dead man! And this time he stays dead!"
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Fairfax:"Seventy? What do you mean it's only seventy?! It's only seventy thousand? Hell, my suits are worth more then that!"
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Arthur Stegman:"I'm gonna turn you in to the outfit for a reward. And maybe they'll be so impressed that they'll ask me to join and I'll be on easy street! Medical, dental. I'm just gonna walk you right in."
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Lynn Porter:"If I know you, you want this Resnick guy for something he won't like."
Porter:"Yeah I'm gonna kill him."
Lynn Porter:"That's something he won't like."
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Pearl:"Can't you see I'm working here?"
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Val Resnick:"Can't you see I'm working here?!"
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Porter:"This syndicate, or outfit, whatever the hell you call it. It's got a head man right? Who is it?"
Val Resnick:"They'll kill me Porter."
Porter:"What do you think I'm gonna do to ya. Worry about me."