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Scaramouche (1952)

Andre Moreau (Scaramouche)...
King Rudolf V...

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Marie Antoinette:"I am angry with you, sir."
Marquis de Maynes:"Angry, Your Majesty?"
Marie Antoinette:"Very very angry! You know why, of course."
Marquis de Maynes:"Could it be for fighting Count de Talles?"
Marie Antoinette:"Among others."
Marquis de Maynes:"I only scratched him a little."
Marie Antoinette:"They say you crippled him for life. And five minutes later,you killed the Baron Marblaux."
Marquis de Maynes:"An unfortunate accident. He ran into my sword."
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Andre Moreau (Scaramouche):"By all that I hold sacred, I swear you this man's death."
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Lenore:"Ah, diamonds!"
Sausage Seller:"I thought of your eyes, and I went right out and bought them."
Lenore:"Just my eyes? How sweet. I must see you start thinking about all of me."
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Andre Moreau (Scaramouche):"Happy is the rascal, traveling life's byways, to whom the gods say, here is an easy switch. You may have lost Diana on the highway, but look, there is Aphrodite in a ditch."
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Lenore:"Your brain is gone! Where did you fall, on your head?"
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Andre Moreau (Scaramouche):"I fall in love constantly, indiscriminately! The effect is the same as if I never fell in love at all."
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Sausage Maker:"Are you mad?!"
Andre Moreau (Scaramouche):"Completely sir. We're all of us out of our minds. Have you never observed it?"
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Andre Moreau (Scaramouche):"If you fidget, I may draw blood. You're making me nervous. Now where was I?"
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Andre Moreau (Scaramouche):"Ah, my friend Chabrillaine. I know, my face. It reminds you of a 'bos taurus horrendus'."
Chevalier de Chabrillaine:"Huh? What's that?"
Andre Moreau (Scaramouche):"An Ethiopian ox."
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Andre Moreau (Scaramouche):"On second thought, I realize that I am very much interested in politics. And I would be proud to serve the people of France in their hour of need!"
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Andre Moreau (Scaramouche):"Forgive the intrusion, but vehicle ordinance number 4012 forbids osculation in public conveyances. First offenders get three days in the pillory."
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Lenore:"I shall always remember him."
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Lenore:"Do you know who this is?"
Lenore:"Scaramouche, yes. But who is Scaramouche? And why does he hide his face behind a mask? You don't know? Then I'll tell you. Scaramouche is a fool, a genius, a ner'do well, a saint, fickle, adoring, false and true together, woman's enemy, and the one thing she can't do without, a man!"
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Lawyer:"Moreau! I can't see you!"
Andre Moreau (Scaramouche):"You must be shortsighted, I'm here."
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Doutreval of Dijon:"Think of this. A sword like a bird. If you clutch it too tightly, you choke it. Too lightly and it flies away."
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Andre Moreau (Scaramouche):"I can no longer be taught by the man who taught my enemy. So, what is more fitting in a mad world, then to be taught by the man who taught the man who taught my enemy!"
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Lawyer:"Andre, you're dressed very oddly. Are you in trouble too?"
Andre Moreau (Scaramouche):"Well not yet darling, but it threatens. I have a young lady downstairs in a coach with an itch to be married. She's made two attempts since breakfast and her temper is rising."
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Andre Moreau (Scaramouche):"Why? Why? Before all the saints in heaven, why?!"
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Andre Moreau (Scaramouche):"The oceans are full of fish and the heavens with stars. To contemplate one woman to the exclusion of all others may be for some men, but not for me."