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Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"Tim Messenger."
PC Danny Butterman:"Go!"
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"Editor and journalist of the Sandford Citizen."
PC Danny Butterman:"Uh huh."
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"Fondness of puns."
PC Danny Butterman:"Go on!"
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"Terrible speller."
PC Danny Butterman:"Oh yeah?"
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"Nevertheless he uncovered important information about..."
PC Danny Butterman:"George Merchant!"
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"Self-made millionaire."
PC Danny Butterman:"Cha ching!"
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"Fancied himself as a property developer."
PC Danny Butterman:"Uh huh."
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"So he had big plans for Sanford."
PC Danny Butterman:"Pissed on the floor in the Crown."
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"But, more importantly he was a good friend and client of..."
PC Danny Butterman:"Martin Blower!"
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"Respected solicitor."
PC Danny Butterman:"Affirmative!"
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"Leader of the local drama society."
PC Danny Butterman:"Bad actor."
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"Undoubtedly."
PC Danny Butterman:"Bad driver."
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"Not necessarily."
PC Danny Butterman:"Cheating on his missus!"
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"Most certainly, and we both know who with."
PC Danny Butterman:"Eve Draper!"
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"Blower's leading lady. Distintive laugh."
PC Danny Butterman:"True."
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"Favored older men."
PC Danny Butterman:"Fingered."
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"Worked at?"
PC Danny Butterman:"Council."
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"More specifically?"
PC Danny Butterman:"Department of Planning and Development!"
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"Where George Merchant secured permission to build his dubious mansion on Norris Avenue."
PC Danny Butterman:"So.... maybe they were all accidents."
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Sergeant Tony Fisher:"Maybe it was our old friend, the Cactus Thief?"
PC Doris Thatcher:"Oh yeah, he was a prickly customer wasn't he."
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PC Danny Butterman:"Point Break or Bad Boys II?"
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"Which one do you think I'll prefer?"
PC Danny Butterman:"No, I mean which one do you want to watch first?"
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Simon Skinner:"My my, here come the Fuzz."
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PC Doris Thatcher:"Nothing like a bit of girl on girl."
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PC Danny Butterman:"By the power of Grayskull!"
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Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"By the power of Grayskull!"
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Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"Jog on!"
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Tim Messenger:"Sergeant Angel, hi hey, quick word for the Sanford Citizen?"
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"Uh, it was very enjoyable."
Tim Messenger:"'Cop enjoys watching young lovers'."
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"I don't think so."
Tim Messenger:"Uh, 'local bobby gives thumbs up to teen suicide'?"
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"That's just grossly inappropriate."
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Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"Little hand says its time to rock and roll."
PC Danny Butterman:"Bring the noise!"
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PC Danny Butterman:"What made you want to be a policeman?"
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"Officer."
PC Danny Butterman:"What made you want to be a policeman officer?"
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PC Danny Butterman:"What did you think of that!?"
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"Well, I wouldn't argue that it was a no-holds barred, adrenaline fueled thrill ride, but there's no way you can perpetrate that amount of carnage and mayhem and not incur a considerable amount of paperwork."
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PC Danny Butterman:"How's Lurch?"
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"Uh, he's in the freezer."
PC Danny Butterman:"Did you say 'cool off'?"
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"No, I didn't say anything actually."
PC Danny Butterman:"Shame."
Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"There was a bit earlier on that you missed when I distracted him with the cuddly monkey then I said 'play time's over' and I hit him with the peace lily."
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Sergeant Nicholas Angel:"I feel like I should say something smart."

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