The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus sound clips

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009)

Imaginarium Tony 1...
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Tony:"Don't believe what you read in the newspapers! Especially the mirror!"
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Mr. Nick:"God, I love a betting man!"
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Mr. Nick:"Hey Parny! I'm going to Chicago baby! I'm driving a stick!"
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Tony:"Do you dream? Or should I say, can you put a price on your dreams? Or the dreams of the less fortunate in this world? Is there a price to them? Or are you willing to spare to inability to change what is wrong in this world? You see, I had a dream. But I too, walked away for it. You know, I ignored it, I had no time for it. Does it sound familiar to you? Yes? I know, my dear. But, you see, ladies and gentlemen, I was saved by a miracle. By Doctor Parnassus! He gave me my life back again. He gave me reason to dream. He took me to the waterfall of happiness, and I was reborn. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I can tell you now. I have been... No, I am purified."
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Doctor Parnassus:"Hold your tongue you smug little pustule! Get out of my sight and stay out!"
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Percy:"Let Doctor Parnassus open your imagination. Transcend heights on beauty's open wing and be transported to worlds you never dreamed of."
Little Boy:"Does it come with a happy ending?"
Percy:"Sorry, we can't guarantee that."
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Anton:"Ladies and Gentlemen! Step up! Step up! I, Mercury, the messenger of the gods, invite you. Invite you sir. Tonight, for one night only. Here, at this very venue. To enter into the mind, the very great mind of Doctor Parnassus! Doctor Parnassus!"
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Imaginarium Tony 1:"One imagination at a time. Free from the influence of another."
Imaginarium Tony 1:"Don't shoot the messenger babe."
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Percy:"Oh, was that rude? Did I put my foot in it?"
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Mr. Nick:"That's a weak hypothesis."
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Tony:"Where the hell are we?"
Percy:"Geographically speaking, in the Northern Hemisphere. Socially, on the margins. And narratively, with some way to go."
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Mr. Nick:"Damn! I've won!"
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Percy:"That's an even worse idea then all the other bad ones you've had today."