Heath Ledger sound clips
Photo taken by Howie Berlin

Heath Ledger (Born Apr 4th 1979)

Acclaimed Australian actor and Academy Award winner. His more famous films include A Knight's Tale, Brokeback Mountain and The Dark Knight.

Sound clips from A Knight's Tale (2001)

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Kate:"Your not gonna wear your hair like that are ya?"
William Thatcher:"Is there another way?"
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Chaucer:"There she is! The embodiment of love! Your Venus!"
William Thatcher:"Oh and how I hate her."
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William Thatcher:"Was she watching? Geoff!"
William Thatcher:"Did she see me?"
Chaucer:"Yes she saw you."
William Thatcher:"Did she see me take the hit?"
Chaucer:"Yes, she saw you take the hit."
William Thatcher:"Well, was she concerned?"
Chaucer:"It was dreadful. Her eyes welled up, it was awful."
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William Thatcher:"She makes me feel like a poet."
Roland:"Well, you may feel like a poet, but you sound like an idiot."
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Roland:"God love ya William..."
William Thatcher:"I know I know.... no one else will."
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Roland:"If the nobles find out who you are there will be the devil to pay!"
William Thatcher:"Then pray that they don't."
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William Thatcher:"You lied."
Chaucer:"Yes, yes I lied. I'm a writer, I give the truth scope!"
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Princess:"Would you care if I were ugly?"
William Thatcher:"Yes. I mean no."
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William Thatcher:"Were you robbed?"
Chaucer:"Uh, interesting question actually. Yes, and yet at the same time a huge resounding no. It's more of a sort of involuntary vow of poverty really."
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William Thatcher:"Tell me your name woman."
Jocelyn:"And what would you do with my name, Sir Hunter? Call me a fox, for that is all I am to you."
William Thatcher:"A fox? Well then a fox you shall be until I find your name. My foxy lady!"

Sound clips from The Dark Knight (2008)

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The Joker:"Well hello beautiful."
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The Joker:"This town deserves a better class of criminal, and I'm going to give it to them."
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The Joker:"Starting tonight, people will die. I'm a man of my word."
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The Joker:"Evening Commissioner."
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The Joker:"Why don't we cut you up into little pieces and feed you to your pooches. And then we'll see how loyal a hungry dog really is!"
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The Joker:"It's not about money. It's about sending a message."
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The Joker:"Oh you wanna play? Come on!"
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The Joker:"Why so serious?!"
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The Joker:"Let's wind the clocks back a year. These cops and lawyers wouldn't dare cross any of you. I mean, what happened? Your balls drop off?"
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Mobster:"So what are you proposing?"
The Joker:"It's simple. Kill the Batman."
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The Joker:"Good evening ladies and gentlemen!"
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The Joker:"A little fight in you. I like that."
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The Joker:"It's all part of the plan."
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The Joker:"Let's put a smile on that face!"
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The Joker:"Excuse me, I want to drive!"
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The Joker:"If you're good at something, never do it for free."
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The Joker:"Now, our operation is small, but there's a lot of potential for 'aggressive' expansion. So, which of you fine gentlemen would like to join our team? Oh, there's only one spot open right now, so we're gonna have tryouts."
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The Joker:"And I thought my jokes were bad."
Wav (58k)Mp3 (81k)Ogg (78k)Flac (758k)
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The Joker:"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. We are tonight's entertainment!"
Wav (11k)Mp3 (18k)Ogg (17k)Flac (180k)
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The Joker:"How about a magic trick."
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The Joker:"Want know how I got these scars? My father was a drinker and a fiend. And one night he goes off crazier than usual. Mommy gets the kitchen knife to defend herself. He doesn't like that. Not one bit. So, me watching, he takes the knife to her, laughing while he does it. He turns to me, and he says, 'why so serious?' He comes at me with the knife. 'Why so serious?!'. He sticks the blade in my mouth. 'Let's put a smile on that face!' And why so serious?"
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The Joker:"Well, you look nervous. Is it the scars? You want to know how I got 'em? Come here. Hey! Look at me. So I had a wife, beautiful, like you, who tells me I worry too much. Who tells me I ought to smile more. Who gambles and gets in deep with the sharks. One day, they carve her face. And we have no money for surgeries. She can't take it. I just want to see her smile again, hm? I just want her to know that I don't care about the scars. So I stick a razor in my mouth and do this to myself. And you know what? She can't stand the sight of me! She leaves. Now I see the funny side."
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The Joker:"Why so serious?!"
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The Joker:"All right. So, listen. Why don't you give me a call when you want to start taking things a little more seriously."
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Gotham National Bank Manager:"Oh, criminals in this town used to believe in things. Honor. Respect. Look at you! What do you believe in, huh? What do you believe ?!"
The Joker:"I believe whatever doesn't kill you, simply makes you stranger."

Sound clips from The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009)

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Tony:"Don't believe what you read in the newspapers! Especially the mirror!"
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Tony:"Do you dream? Or should I say, can you put a price on your dreams? Or the dreams of the less fortunate in this world? Is there a price to them? Or are you willing to spare to inability to change what is wrong in this world? You see, I had a dream. But I too, walked away for it. You know, I ignored it, I had no time for it. Does it sound familiar to you? Yes? I know, my dear. But, you see, ladies and gentlemen, I was saved by a miracle. By Doctor Parnassus! He gave me my life back again. He gave me reason to dream. He took me to the waterfall of happiness, and I was reborn. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I can tell you now. I have been... No, I am purified."
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Tony:"Where the hell are we?"
Percy:"Geographically speaking, in the Northern Hemisphere. Socially, on the margins. And narratively, with some way to go."

Sound clips from The Patriot (2000)

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Gabriel Martin:"I've come to call on Anne!"
Mr. Howard:"Well of course you call yourself a man."
Anne Howard:"Father stop it! You heard him!"
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Benjamin Martin: "Don't you walk away from me boy!"
Gabriel Martin: "I'm sorry father, I'll find you when this is all over."
Benjamin Martin: "No your not going! I forbid you to go!"
Gabriel Martin: "I'm not a child!"
Benjamin Martin: "You're my child!"
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Benjamin Martin:"I request sir that you transfer my son here under my command."
Gabriel Martin:"Sir no I..."
Col. Harry Burwell:"No, its done."
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Benjamin Martin: "When you have a family of your own, perhaps you'll understand."
Gabriel Martin: "When I have a family of my own I won't hide behind them."
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Gabriel Martin: "Colonel, I've been a soldier now for two years. As a scout, horseman, marksmen, scavenger."
Benjamin Martin: "That so."
Gabriel Martin: "Yes sir. I could be a better service with the regulars."
Benjamin Martin: "Where did you learn all that riding, shooting, scavenging?"
Gabriel Martin: "My father taught me."
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Gabriel Martin:"Ms. Howard isn't it?"
Anne Howard:"You know who I am Gabriel Martin. The last time you saw me, I was 11 and you put ink in my tea."
Gabriel Martin:"Oh I believe that was one of my younger brothers. Perhaps Samuel or Nathan."
Anne Howard:"It was you. And it turned my teeth black for a month."
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Benjamin Martin:"And perhaps that's his weakness."
Gabriel Martin:"Sir?"
Benjamin Martin:"Pride. Pride's a weakness."
Jean Villeneuve:"Personally I would prefer stupidity."
Benjamin Martin:"Pride will do."
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Gabriel Martin:"These men were about to surrender!"
Jean Villeneuve:"Perhaps. we will never know."
Reverend Oliver:"This is murder!"
John Billings:"Hell Reverend, their redcoats, they've earned it."
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Gabriel Martin:"A woman can have a strange effect on a man."
Benjamin Martin:"Yeah, there were times... I... I had trouble breathing around your mother."
Gabriel Martin:"I know the feeling."
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Gabriel Martin:"Mr. Howard, uh sir, may I have permission to write to Anne?"
Mr. Howard:"Hey?"
Gabriel Martin:"May I have permission to write Anne?"
Anne Howard:"Yes! You have permission. 'To write me'."
Mr. Howard:"Oh write her."
Gabriel Martin:"Yes sir."
Mr. Howard:"Very well."