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A Knight's Tale (2001)

William Thatcher...

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Chaucer:"Thank you! Thank you I'll be here all week!"
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Kate:"It's very romantic though..."
Roland:"Are you a woman or a blacksmith?"
Kate:"Sometimes I'm both..."
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Chaucer:"You've probably read my book, the Book of the Duchess? Fine, well it was allegorical."
Roland:"Well, we won't hold that against you, that's for each man to decide for himself."
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Seller:"Cat's meat! Hot wine! Cat's meat! Hot wine!"
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Priest:"Beauty is such a curse. Pray your years come swiftly, pray your beauty fades, so that you may better serve God."
Jocelyn:"Oh and I do my lord. I pray for it all the time. Why God, did you curse me with this face?"
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The famous fight song in the bar
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William Thatcher:"Tell me your name woman."
Jocelyn:"And what would you do with my name, Sir Hunter? Call me a fox, for that is all I am to you."
William Thatcher:"A fox? Well then a fox you shall be until I find your name. My foxy lady!"
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Frenchman:"And most importantly, because the Pope himself is french!"
Roland:"Well the Pope may be french, but Jesus is English. You're on!"
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Wat:"We're the sons of peasants! Glory and riches and stars are beyond our grasp! But a full stomach, that dream can come true!"
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Kate:"Your not gonna wear your hair like that are ya?"
William Thatcher:"Is there another way?"
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Chaucer:"There she is! The embodiment of love! Your Venus!"
William Thatcher:"Oh and how I hate her."
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William Thatcher:"Was she watching? Geoff!"
William Thatcher:"Did she see me?"
Chaucer:"Yes she saw you."
William Thatcher:"Did she see me take the hit?"
Chaucer:"Yes, she saw you take the hit."
William Thatcher:"Well, was she concerned?"
Chaucer:"It was dreadful. Her eyes welled up, it was awful."
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William Thatcher:"She makes me feel like a poet."
Roland:"Well, you may feel like a poet, but you sound like an idiot."
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Wat:"It's called a lance... hullo!"
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Jocelyn:"Well that is lovely!"
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Roland:"God love ya William..."
William Thatcher:"I know I know.... no one else will."
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Roland:"What's your name William? I'm asking you William Thatcher to answer me with your name."
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Wat:"Betray us, and I will fong you, until your insides are out, your outsides are in, your entrails will become your extrails! I will rip... all the... Pain, lots of pain!"
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Roland:"If the nobles find out who you are there will be the devil to pay!"
William Thatcher:"Then pray that they don't."
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Crowd:"We will we will rock you!"
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William Thatcher:"You lied."
Chaucer:"Yes, yes I lied. I'm a writer, I give the truth scope!"
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Princess:"Would you care if I were ugly?"
William Thatcher:"Yes. I mean no."
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Adhemar:"I myself have never been unhorsed."
Princess:"Nor have I..."
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Wat:"You want to drop behind for a more dramatic victory!"
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William Thatcher:"Were you robbed?"
Chaucer:"Uh, interesting question actually. Yes, and yet at the same time a huge resounding no. It's more of a sort of involuntary vow of poverty really."
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Adhemar:"You have been weighed... you have been measured... and you have been found wanting."
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Wat:"I don't understand women..."
Chaucer:"Nor do I, but they understand us... maybe not you..."
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Wat:"I think he's getting worse."
Roland:"He is getting worse..."