Iron Man 3 sound clips

Iron Man 3 (2013)

Tony Stark fights the mysterious terrorist, the Mandarin. The third film entry for this Marvel superhero.
Tony Stark (Iron Man)...

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Tony Stark (Iron Man):"I loved you in 'A Christmas Story' by the way."
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Harley Keener: "If I was building Iron Man and War Machine..."
Tony Stark (Iron Man): "It's Iron Patriot now."
Harley Keener: "That's way cooler!"
Tony Stark (Iron Man): "No it's not."
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Tony Stark (Iron Man):"Here's a little holiday greeting I've been wanting to send to the Mandarin. I just didn't know how to phrase it until now. My name is Tony Stark, and I'm not afraid of you. I know you're a coward. So I've decided that you just died, pal. I'm gonna come get the body. There's no politics here, it's just good old-fashioned revenge. There's no Pentagon, it's just you and me. And in the off-chance that you're a man, here's my home address. 10, 8, 80 Malibu Point, 90265. I'll leave the door unlocked."
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Tony Stark (Iron Man): "What are you doing? You gonna break his finger? He's in pain. He's been injured. Leave him alone."
Harley Keener: "Sorry."
Tony Stark (Iron Man): "Are you?"
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Harley Keener: "I would've added in the retro..."
Tony Stark (Iron Man): "Retro-reflective panels?"
Harley Keener: "To make him stealth mode."
Tony Stark (Iron Man): "You want a stealth mode?"
Harley Keener: "Cool, right?"
Tony Stark (Iron Man): "That's actually a good idea. Maybe I'll build one."

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